As you might know, my co-producer and I have been covering hockey for a number of years on KingsCast and StickTap.TV. And, as fun as that was, sometimes good things have to come to an end.

In light of that, we shot a “pilot” for a news show about what’s going on in the world of technology and the Internet. We call it Nerd Panda TV and it’s available on my YouTube channel for you to take a look at. If you like what you see, go ahead and click that “Like” button and we might jump into it full stream.

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Fancy HandsQuick. Make a list of the top ten things you have to accomplish this month but have absolutely no desire to start or finish them. Now take that list and circle the tasks that could be accomplished if you were a Hollywood celebrity with a personal assistant. Got the list?


Guess what? You can have that personal assistant working for you without the burden of paying them thousands of dollars and selling your underwear to TMZ. Because your assistant is in the cloud.

Enter Fancy Hands.

Fancy Hands bills itself as “assistants for everyone”. They’re a company of virtual assistants based only in the United States that can take care of almost anything for you. They’re quick, responsive and (usually) accurate. You submit tasks via your computer, mobile device, email or by telephone. Then, the team of assistants at Fancy Hands goes to work for you and updates you along the way.

So here are my tasks for my first month using Fancy Hands and the result:
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Remember that 5k that you ran in residency? The political article you wrote for an alternative newspaper as an undergrad? The pictures your friend recently posted of you on Facebook?

It all exists on the Internet.

According to a recent study by, there are over one billion names searched for on Google every single day. Of the people that search those names, 94% of them look only at the first page on Google. One in four people do not have any positive content on the first page of Google at all.

Positive or negative, it is an almost certainty that there is some information available about you digitally.

The problem? There is nothing you can do about it.

Before any speaking engagement, I always visit review sites (like for physicians to find out more about the attendees in the audience. It helps me understand their digital footprint and where they stand on the Internet. At this particular engagement there was a very well respected physician known throughout the community as a brilliant doctor. You can imagine my surprise when I saw absolutely horrible reviews for this physician. Upon further inspection I realized that it was a different doctor in the same specialty practicing in a different state. They both had the same name and they were both M.D.’s.

The difference between the well-respected physician in the audience and the poorly reviewed doctor in a different state is the ladder had a strong digital footprint. He had a web page, a blog, articles published and a social media presence that went along with his poor reviews. The fact of the matter is, this poorly reviewed physician owned the first page of Google.

So what is the implication of a patient searching on Google for this well-respected physician’s name? If they do a cursory glance and don’t recognize the state where he practices, they could be confused into thinking that he’s a terrible physician without ever being seen as a patient.

Because no one has a completely unique name, your reputation of and a colleague’s poor Digital DNA can be completely confused.

While it is impossible to completely “push” someone down a Google search, it is possible to be proactive and start taking command of your digital footprint.

We’ll talk in a later post about steps you can take to strengthen your Digital DNA immediately. But first, it’s time to listen. What are people saying about you or your physicians on the Internet? What information is freely available about you on the first page of Google? I guarantee it’s not just the stagnant web page the hospital or practice has.

Action Steps:
1. Google your full name with and without your degree behind it
2. Google any variation of your name (ie, Ken or Kenneth)
3. Login to, and Yelp!. Search for your name and see if anyone has reviewed you or one of your physicians
4. Write down the positive, negative and neutral information about you
5. Write down any links that are associated with your name but aren’t about you

How does it look? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

In a recent study done with the International Council for Quality Care, we took a look at how the top hospitals in the nation are engaging in social media. It came as no surprise that 83% of those hospitals actively engage in either Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (so far there has been little engagement in Google+). Take a look at the infographic for a breakdown.

Hospitals in Social Media

Does your hospital or personal physician engage in social media? If they don’t, do you wish they would? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

HootSuite, social networking and beer. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening in Los Angeles!

#HootUpLA will be taking place this Wednesday, March 7th from 7-9PM at Blankspaces LA in the Miracle Mile district at 5405 Wilshire Boulevard; Los Angeles, CA 90036. The entrance is on Cloverdale and there is plenty of street parking available.

We have an exciting lineup of speakers on Wednesday night starting with Cheryl Booker (Senior Account Executive – Consumer Insights) of Hall & Partners. She will be talking about How to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy through Quantifying Online Buzz. Dewayne Hankins, Director, Digital Media with the Los Angeles Kings is our featured keynote speaker. He will be talking about how the Kings use HootSuite to manage their social media portfolio on an international scale.

#HootUpLA is a free event to attend. If you work in social media, would love to work in social media or are just a fan of HootSuite, come on down for a night of great speakers, networking and beer.

RSVP to #HootUpLA here.

Have a question about the event or need more information? Contact me.